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Residence permit

Who can apply?
  • The Residence Permit can be applied for by any non-EU citizen holding a Subordinate Employment Visa.
Conditions of issue
  • The application for a residence permit must be sent, within 8 working days of entering Italy, to an authorized post office or to the Immigration Desk at the Police Headquarters in the province where the foreigner is staying. The permit will be issued only if, at the time of collection, the foreigner proves that he/she has met the statutory obligations regarding health care.
What to do
  • To obtain the permit the citizen must produce: the application form; his/her passport or other equivalent valid document with relevant entry visa, plus a photocopy of the same document; four identical and recent passport size photographs; a revenue stamp; a photocopy of the receipt for the application made at the competent municipal office for a certificate indicating suitability of accommodation, or a photocopy of the receipt for the application to the Local Health Authority for a certificate indicating health-hygiene suitability of the selfsame accommodation; the receipts for payments made with the relative preprinted giro slips. Within 8 days of entering Italy, the foreigner or the employer must request an appointment at the Immigration Desk, to apply for the residence permit and sign the residency contract. There, he/she will sign the residence permit application and receive the tax code n° certificate together with the envelope in which to place the application. The applicant must then take the envelope and its contents, unsealed, together with the payment receipts, to an authorized post office. At the post office the applicant will be identified by passport or equivalent document and given a receipt for the application, which must be kept, and can be used for work or for registering at the Registry Office or with the Health Service. Printed on the receipt are two personal identification codes (user ID and password) that can be used to check the status of the application by logging on to the website The applicant will subsequently receive notification of the date he/she must go with four photographs to the Police Headquarters for the first appointment, and have his/her fingerprints taken. On the day of the first appointment the applicant will be given a second date for collection of the residence permit (unless refused).
How much does it cost?
  • A revenue stamp for 14.62 euros is required, and a fee of between 80 and 200 euros. For the issue of a residence permit electronically, a further payment of 27.50 euros is required.
Issuance times
  • Issuance times vary considerably, depending on the applicant's specific situation, relations with the applicant's country and the office where the application was made. While awaiting a reply, of acceptance or refusal, the applicant is given a receipt that takes the place of the document.
  • The duration of the residence permit for work is that foreseen by the residency contract and in any case cannot exceed 1 year for a subordinate employment contract for a fixed period, and 2 years for a subordinate employment contract for an indefinite period.