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Residence permit Renewal

Who can apply?
  • Non-EU foreign nationals who hold a residence permit and are in order with the conditions of issue can request the Renewal of Residence Permit. The request can be made at the "Sportello Amico" (Help Desk), at Post Offices, if the reasons for issue are: Adoption, Fostering, Update of residence permit (change of address, marital status, addition of children, change of passport), Religious reasons, Elective residence, Scientific Research, Study, Mission, Political asylum (renewal), Conversion of residence permit, Duplicate residence permit, Internship for job training, Pending reacquisition of citizenship, Pending employment, Permanent Residence Permit for foreigners (now called EC Long-Term Residence Permit), Self-employed Work, Subordinate Work, Seasonal subordinate work, Family, Family minor aged 1418 years, Work stay art. 27, Application for stateless status (renewal), Tourism. For all other reasons, the applicant must visit the Police Headquarters or Police Station.
Conditions of issue
  • For Renewal of a Residence Permit the foreign national must already have a valid residence permit.
What to do
  • The foreigner must apply for a Renewal of Residence Permit from the Chief of Police in the Province where he/she lives using the forms of a special yellow kit, to be filled in at post offices with the "Sportello Amico" logo. Help with filling in the forms is also available free of charge from Municipalities taking part in the experiment, or from the "Patronati" (Benevolent Institutions). The foreign national must present the following items at the Post Office counter, in an unsealed envelope: the special kit, duly filled in; a photocopy of the residence permit in A4 paper size; a valid identity document, a passport or equivalent document, producing the original and A4 photocopies of all pages; the specific documentation for the application in A4 paper size. The Post Office clerk will identify the applicant from his/her passport or other equivalent document and issue an identification User ID and Password for the procedure, which must be preserved. The applicant will receive notification, at the address specified in the application, of the date he/she must go to the Police Headquarters with four photographs for the first appointment, and have his/her fingerprints taken. On the day of the first appointment the applicant will be given a second date for collection of the renewed residence permit.
How much does it cost?
  • The fees are: a giro slip for 27.50 euros payable for a Residence Permit of more than 90 days; a giro slip for 30.00 euros payable at the Post Office counter when handing over the application. A revenue stamp for 14.62 euros is also required.
Issuance times
  • Issue times vary considerably, depending on the applicant's specific situation, relations with the applicant's country and the office where the application was made. While awaiting a reply, the applicant is given a receipt that takes the place of the document. The foreigner must apply for a Renewal of Residence Permit within 90 days of expiry in the case of residence permits of two years' duration for work and family reasons, within 60 days for a yearly work permit, and within 30 days for other types of residence permit.
  • The validity of the document depends on the reason for the application. The duration of a permit issued for reasons other than work or family is that stated in the entry visa. The duration of the permit for subordinate employment cannot exceed 1 year for a subordinate employment contract for a fixed period, and 2 years for a subordinate employment contract for an indefinite period.