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Tourist VISA

The document can be obtained at the following offices:
  • Registry Office
Who can request it?
  • The Tourism Invitation Declaration for Foreign Nationals can be requested by an Italian or foreign citizen intending to invite to Italy a foreign national residing in a country subject to visas.
Conditions of issue
  • The Declaration can only be requested for tourism reasons, or for a maximum stay of 3 months.
What to do
  • It is necessary fill in the special form and send it to the invited person, together a photocopy of an identity document of the inviter and the original of the bank guarantee as a guarantee of means of subsistence, if necessary. In some Municipalities a certified signature is required. The invited person must take the declaration and the enclosures to the Italian Consulate or Embassy in his/her country, which will assess the application and issue the visa. It is always advisable to check the documentation required by each Italian Embassy, by visiting the website.
How much does it cost?
  • The cost of the Declaration is limited to administration expenses of about € 1, and a € 14.62 duty stamp is generally required for certification of the signature, when required.
Issue times
  • Issue is immediate.
  • The Declaration is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, within which it must be produced at the Embassy.